Project Explanation

Over the years, B3 Creative has produced road safety resources for councils all over Britain, from Brent in London to Solihull in the West Midlands. From fun activity booklets and lesson plans to road safety videos and websites.

But Road Safety Officers tell us that it’s becoming more and more difficult for them to launch road safety campaigns aimed at their local children. There just aren’t available budgets for bespoke projects. But, of course, children still need engaging, entertaining and educational materials that will help them learn vital life skills for when they are near or around roads.

So to help fill that gap, we have created three new activity booklets aimed at three different age groups of primary school children. Packed with puzzles, quizzes, jokes and more, the booklets help children learn as they are having fun. And by ensuring the booklets aren’t specific to one client, we can reduce costs.

The 12pp booklets are deliberately compact (120mm x 190mm, about the size of a DVD insert) to fit into children’s bags easily and cover topics that are appropriate to the age of child. So, 6 and 7 year olds are introduced to basic road safety and scooter etiquette (some adult pedestrians will be pleased about that!), while 10 and 11 year olds learn about independent travel and making active travel choices. The three booklets are:

There’s a minimum order for each booklet of 1000 copies.
For 1000-2500 copies, each activity booklet costs just 95p per copy.
For 2501-4000 copies, each activity booklet costs just 68p per copy.
For 4000+ copies, each activity booklet costs just 49p per copy.
Delivery is 4.0p per copy, with a maximum delivery cost of £125.

But if you work in children’s safety, why not let us send you some free sample copies? Just drop us an email and we’ll get some in the post.

Coronavirus postscript!!!

With the country in lockdown, Road Safety teams are finding it difficult to get their messages out to children when there is so much else going on.

So, we have created some fun, road safety themed activity sheets that we are making free to all road safety professionals, that they can just email to schools, parents and other interested parties. The sheets have been designed to be low resolution with home printing in mind, so they don’t waste ink.

To get your free pdf copies of these sheets, just send an email to James Marsh and they will be emailed to you.