Project Explanation

The Brief

Tower Hamlets, London, faced a serious issue of road traffic incidents caused by young, inexperienced car drivers and scooter riders. The road safety team asked us to create a road safety education concept that would communicate with the borough’s diverse group of teenagers.

The Design

We suggested Automate, a 12-page mini-magazine, to help educate and change young people’s behaviours. We decided to give it the feel of conversations with an elder brother – the older brother who has done it all before, made the mistakes and wants to help his younger sibling so they don’t make the same mistakes. We included celebrities talking about their first cars, real-life case studies, hard-hitting facts about the main causes of road accidents and advice on passing driving and riding tests.

The Feedback

Tower Hamlets road safety officers were very pleased with the result. Local teens agreed that the content would make them really consider their attitudes towards driving or riding. Mohammed H, aged 18 said, ‘Reading the magazine has definitely made me think twice about drink driving, and what can happen if you do.’ We have subsequently been commissioned by Tower Hamlets to create a number of other road safety education initiatives, as well as resources for Junior Citizens.