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As part of their 2014 road safety initiatives, Solihull council have tasked us with helping them encourage parents nbot to drive to/from school. We came up with Stroll ‘n’ Roll, an intra-school competition, designed to encourage children to ditch the car, and walk, scoot, or ride to school!

In particular, we wanted to involve the scooter in this active travel project. Kids absolutely love taking their scooters to school, and figures for some schools show that the number of children doing this has almost trebled in the past few years. It just shows that by making something fun, kids can be encouraged to do something that’s good for their health, the environment, and helps them learn about active travel!

With this in mind, we came up with Stroll ‘n’ Roll. It is uses the principals of gamification to encourage pupils to compete against each other over five or six weeks. For every five non-car journeys to, or from school that a child makes, they are awarded a sticker. This sticker can be placed on a special class poster. The first three classes in the school to fill every spot on their poster with stickers, are announced as the Stroll ‘n’ Roll champions, and even win a trophy!

We’re very excited to see this project roll out across Solihull schools, and it looks like the schools are excited too – they’ve even sent us photos of their first place trophies, just waiting to be won!