We help you devise insightful strategies and
create engaging and entertaining campaigns
for children and young people

We have years of experience in how to communicate effectively
 young people. Our knowledge ensures your project will be seen
as engaging, entertaining and effective. What’s more, we’ll make it
a fun and interesting journey. Just as childhood should be…

Meet the team...

Photo of James Marsh - Managing Director

James Marsh - Managing Director

James is the founder of B3 Creative and has worked in children's media for nearly 20 years“ including stints as editor of Young Telegraph, Meg@ and Disney's Big Time, and as a writer on The Funday Times and The Telegraph's teenage T2 section. James has also worked in video, theatre, film and TV, and is the author of four children's books.

Photo of Mark Hendriksen - Associate Director

Mark Hendriksen - Associate Director

Prior to an initial stint at B3 Creative, Mark sold his business, making it the world's largest visitor publisher. He published the Official Guide to Wimbledon, is a Director of ABC of Opera and also bought a heritage village back to life in Corfu. He owns the leading small hotel in Greece. With that on the market, Mark returns to B3 Creative.

Photo of Emma Pomfret - Associate Editor

Emma Pomfret - Associate Editor

Emma has worked in the children's sector for over 15 years, including being editor of The Times' Meg@ children's section and editor for several of GE Fabbri's publications. Now freelance, she works with B3 Creative as a writer and editor, as well as writing features for national newspapers and magazines, especially on the subject of opera.

Photo of Rupert Mellor - Associate Editor

Rupert Mellor - Associate Editor

An award-winning journalist, whose work appears regularly in national newspapers from The Telegraph to The Observer, Rupert was the launch editor of Disney's Big Time, The Times supplement for children, Meg@, The Times' Play magazine and Metro magazine. Rupert is an expert copywriter and provides critical insight on brands.

Photo of Kim Hall - Associate Designer

Kim Hall - Associate Designer

Kim is a long-standing associate of B3 Creative, bringing her expertise to bear on properties such as Hello Kitty, Dora the Explorer and Barbie. She has great magazine experience but is also equally at home in the digital world having worked on websites, web banners and apps.

Photo of James King - Associate Designer

James King - Associate Designer

James has worked in children's publishing, partworks and the digital space for over 15 years, including collaborations with brands such as Star Wars, Doctor Who, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thunderbirds and Farscape. Away from B3 Creative, James has written a children's book and is also an award-winning photographer.

Photo of Debbie Millet - External copy editor

Debbie Millet - External copy editor

Debbie has worked with B3 Creative for many years, providing copy-editing and proofreading services on projects for children. Her talent is in providing an expert's viewpoint on language usage, as well as an overview of someone not involved with a project on a day-to-day basis. Debbie also works for various NGOs including Amnesty International.