We are a consultancy that specialises in copywriting, content
and marketing aimed at children. We’re here to help
you communicate responsibly with children and youth


Our company philosophy runs through all our work - it's what we at B3 Creative call "The Three E's". The first of those E's is ENGAGE - we use design, content, imagery, colour palette and channel choice to really grab your young audience's attention. Everything is planned with a particular age group in mind.


Children want to laugh and have fun, so when we create marketing to children we ensure we ENTERTAIN them. They love our copywriting (packed with jokes, quizzes, facts, puzzles and celebrity interviews), inspiring design, and brilliant execution. And when they're engaged and entertained, it's time for that last E...


The third E is for EDUCATE. This is where as a responsible children's marketing agency we tell your target audience about your key message. It could be about road safety or talking about your brand values. But one thing's for sure - if you don't first ENGAGE and ENTERTAIN young people, it's pretty difficult to EDUCATE...