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One of the casualties of the funding cuts of recent years has been national road safety campaigns aimed at children and young people.

National TV adverts have been dropped and there have been cuts at the local level, too, from north-west England to London to Northern Ireland. And, for the first time in many years, road traffic incidents are on the rise. It’s difficult not to draw the obvious conclusion…

Still, just because budgets have been reduced, that doesn’t mean the country can stop educating children about safe behaviour near roads. Indeed, here at B3 Creative, we’ve been busy the past few months on lots of different road safety projects, all produced to tight budgets:

And now we are launching a new service to help road safety officers engage with pupils in primary schools. We have created three new booklets for primary school pupils. The content is written with a specific age group in mind, matching puzzles, jokes and activities to the child’s reading comprehension and the road safety information they actually need at that age.

The booklets are:

Way to Go (ages 5-7 years) – basic road safety, walking to school, scooter safety (and etiquette!) and more

Get ahead (ages 7-9 years) – safe cycling, the Green Cross Code, sustainable travel and more

Good to go (ages 9-11 years) – cycling, independent travel, travelling on public transport and more

The booklets are deliberately not specific to any region and priced so that hard-pressed road safety departments can make the most of their budgets. Greenwich Council in London were the first to order some copies – if you’d like to find out about these booklets, please email us!