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Every year, Tower Hamlets organises an event called Junior Citizen to help 10-11 year old children understand some of the dangers they may face as they move from primary to secondary school. It’s a time of real change as the youngsters go from being the biggest fish in a small pond to the smallest fish in a big sea.

As the children start to make their first independent journeys, they have to take sole responsibility for their safety. To help guide them through this, we created a booklet “A Safer You” that looked at road safety, fire safety, the internet, bullying and more.

They are all serious subjects – so to help lighten the tone we used activities such as puzzles and quizzes, as well as jokes, comic strips and cartoons. It’s an approach that works very well and is steeped in the B3 Creative philosophy of how to communicate with children – that is the Three E’s of Engage, Entertain and Educate.

It’s always a pleasure to help children on their journey to adulthood, as they transition from primary school to secondary school. It’s especially a pleasure when it’s the children of B3 Creative’s own borough.