Project Explanation

The problem

The construction sector is facing a skills shortage. Britain’s most successful housebuilder and developer, The Berkeley Group, wanted to open the eyes of young people to the huge range of careers within the industry.

The solution

Secondary school children are encouraged to think about future careers from their first years in secondary education. Unfortunately, construction is often portrayed as solely manual labour – the reality is very different. The industry needs highly-qualified graduates to fill positions such as architect, quantity surveyor and sustainability advisor.

We suggest creating a magazine aimed at 12 -16 year olds, that looked at a half a dozen careers which require a degree or other higher education qualification. The magazines would be given out at school events, career fairs and public events.

We interviewed a diverse range of Berkeley Group employees, created a bright engaging design, devised fun quizzes and much more to show the exciting potential of working in the sector.

The feedback

The booklet called Construct was extremely well received by those within the Berkeley Group; but, more importantly, by the children themselves. As one of the Berkeley team said: “They have gone down extremely well. I’ve had people approaching me who had never considered construction before, inquiring about work experience. I’ve handed out all my copies! Can I order more, please?!”

What came next…

Our work with Berkeley Group has grown, as we help the UK’s premier housebuilder improve their engagement and establish their identity with young people. Our projects are distributed at schools, at open days and public consultation events. We have created:

Women in Construction postcards – a range of postcards featuring women in the construction sector, from fork lift drivers to project managers, to encourage more young women to enter the industry.

Home Time! – an informative activity booklet aimed at 7-11 year olds that introduces Berkeley Group, explains what a house builder is and why it is important for the country, and a look at an environmentally friendly house of the future.

House Proud! – a double-sided activity sheet for 5-7 year olds full of puzzles, colouring and fun, all based around construction and building houses.