Project Explanation

We are very proud of the collection of projects we’ve completed for Canary Wharf Group – from books and lesson plans to art walks and activity sheets. It’s a body of work that reflects Canary Wharf’s very real ambition to connect and engage with their local community, especially children.

Our latest project is a suite of activity sheets based around Canary Wharf and Isle of Dogs, and designed to offer parents and children a little respite during the pandemic lockdown. These sheets are themed across local history, the River Thames, transport and more – but the most important thing is that they are fun! You can download them here.

Another engagement initiative revolves around the world-famous Henry Moore sculpture Draped Seated Woman. Affectionally known as Old Flo, this bronze artwork has been part of East End life since 1958. Canary Wharf is the proud custodian of this important work for the next few years.

Old Flo has had a colourful life which we’ve explored with:

  • A short book on Henry Moore, Old Flo and her journey from Stepney, via Yorkshire, to Canary Wharf
  • Lesson plans based on a site visit and Henry Moore’s inspiration for Old Flo, linking into the National Curriculum for Key Stage 2
  • A children’s art trail around a dozen pieces of public art in Canary Wharf (there are actually over 70 artworks on the estate).

We worked with local teachers, the Henry Moore Foundation, Tower Hamlets Council and Canary Wharf Group, to create these materials.

Our long-standing partnership with Canary Wharf Group started originally with a conundrum: Canary Wharf is one of the most successful business districts in Europe and yet many local young people, living barely half a mile away, feel the area is not for them. Canary Wharf Group wanted to open the eyes of children to both the leisure and employment opportunities it offers.

We suggested a primary school project based around the rich history of the area, to show how commerce and business have always been the lifeblood of the Isle of Dogs – and that today’s glass and steel towers are a continuation of that. To do this, we wrote and designed a beautifully illustrated book called Canary Wharf – Through the Ages, charting the progress of the Isle of Dogs from 17th-century marshland to a 21st-century high-tech business and shopping centre.

The book was given to local children who visited the Canary Wharf Estate with their schools. We also produced three National Curriculum-linked lessons set in key historical periods.

The initiative was enthusiastically embraced by both Canary Wharf Group and schools. The book is particularly popular and is now given out to Canary Wharf Group’s business visitors, as well as being sold in the Museum of London Docklands.

We went on to produce a second educational initiative, this time aimed at Key Stage 3 pupils  – The Environment and You. The glossy book and accompanying lesson plans examine environmental issues and explain what children can do at home and school to improve the situation – and how businesses like Canary Wharf Group can help.

B3 Creative’s partnership with Canary Wharf Group has produced projects that really resonate with children and local parents. It makes us immensely proud.