Project Explanation

The Brief
Family Investments wanted to increase uptake of its Child Trust Fund (CTF) savings scheme. They had discovered that the public was confused by the Government-created CTF and this was affecting sales.

The Design
We had worked with Family Investments on a direct mail campaign for their own Junior Bond product but as the CTF was a Government-led initiative, it was being offered by multiple providers. So, we devised an approach for a direct mail campaign that de-mystified the various options for CTF and presented a clear choice of what was on offer – and what made Family Investments different to other companies in the marketplace. From commissioning photoshoots with Phil Babb, one of Britain’s best photographer’s of children and babies, through to copywriting and design, we provided a complete creative solution from pitch through to print.

The Feedback
The fresh and bright design was extremely well received by Family Investments. In particular, within the organisation the copywriting was held up to be an excellent example of how to communicate financial information in a direct mail campaign. “B3 Creative were fantastic to work with and I would recommend them to anyone without a second thought.” Family Investments Marketing Communications Manager