Project Explanation

The Brief
Virgin Trains asked their marketing agency Exposure to create a Virgin Trains Kidz activity bag that would be given away to 3- to 6-year-old children taking Virgin trains during the school holidays. They needed expert advice to pull it off…

The Design
Exposure headed to B3 Creative and we came up with a few concepts, out of which VTK was born. This on-board train magazine we created for them was bright, busy, with a big personality – and packed with puzzles, quizzes, jokes and activities designed specifically for our young audience. As the readers were almost all in preschool, the A4 magazine was very illustration–led and we used a raft of great illustrators who provided a friendly, engaging look. Thanks to our knowledge of kid’s TV and film, VTK had the hottest properties and the latest must-have prizes – maintaining Virgin Trains’ image as a company with its finger on the pulse.

We offered innovations through the contract, such as flipping the magazine sideways to create a landscape A5 publication. This made the most of a tight budget while also allowing us to introduce fun elements such as tear-off postcards. We also helped place a series of bonus giveaways in the kids bag to give a really rounded offer.

The Feedback
The client comment says it all: “B3 Creative are the kids’ experts.”