Project Explanation

The brief
To help Nickelodeon pitch their products to major retailers through enticing visuals.

The design
ASDA is one of the UK’s top retailers and when Nickelodeon pitch to them, they know it has to be delivered at an extremely high standard. Although Nickelodeon’s characters and toys speak for themselves, the channel still needs to convince retailers how their product would look across all platforms, including in-store, print and online and augmented reality. That’s where B3 Creative comes in – producing high quality concepts that showcase Nickelodeon as one of the biggest brands in the children and youth sector.

The feedback
One of the reasons Nickelodeon elected to contract B3 Creative was our understanding of the children’s market and what constitutes acceptable use of licensed property artwork. In fact, Nickelodeon were so pleased with our work, we were also commissioned to work for retailers including Smyths, Amazon, TESCO, Argos and the Entertainer. As well as retail visuals and pitch materials, we continue to work on numerous projects for Nickelodeon including marketing collateral, advertising, large graphics, web design, catalogue design and so much more.


Download: Case Study, Nickelodeon