Project Explanation

The Brief
RAF Careers sponsored various youth sports in the UK and, through the Central Office of Information, wanted to extend its relationship with 13- to 18-year-olds.

The Design
Starting with basketball, we suggested creating a new sports magazine – bag-sized, fast-moving, and with street cred. We commissioned features on both the NBA and homegrown talent from recognised basketball writers, used great action photography and sourced must-win competitions with the coolest prizes. Called No Limits, the publication soon became a must-read for teen hoops fans. Slammin’.

The Feedback
The COI and RAF Careers loved it so much, we were commissioned to produce similar magazines for other sports: working with the English Schools’ Football Association we created United and working with the Welsh Rugby Union we created Reach. The work also embraced posters, programmes and postcards and we were soon asked to also help with the Royal Navy’s sponsorship of youth boxing. All in all, a sporting success story.


Download: RAF Careers Case Study