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James Marsh, B3 Creative’s founder, is the father of three children, a working dad and married to their working mum. In other words, his life is just like that of many other modern families.

Whether that’s a qualification or not(!), he has been writing regular blogs from a father’s perspective for, the UK’s largest father’s website and established by the Family Matters Institute.

Once a month, James is encouraged to jump on his high horse and rant (like he needs the encouragement…). Recent subjects have been:

Porn – it’s everywhere! And that means we cannot stick our heads in the sand – and we must talk to our children about it

The nightmare of the school run – let’s encourage parents to get out of the car and start walking, cycling or scootering

Too old to be read to? No way! Why even older children who are accomplished readers still enjoy mum or dad reading to them

Enough of the photos of your children, already! Parents are oversharing on social media and it’s time to stop

Laws on the marketing of certain foods to children are changing – and about time too!

If you’ve any ideas of areas you want him to cover, please drop us a line here!