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Berkeley Group is one of the UK’s most respected companies, building high-quality homes on almost exclusively brownfield sites. Having helped the company communicate the wide range of careers in construction to 11-14 year olds, B3 Creative suggested it was time to turn attention to primary school pupils.

The result is a fun activity booklet for Key Stage 2 pupils (7-11 year olds) and a colourful activity sheet for Key Stage 1 pupils (5-7 year olds).

The older children have a more sophisticated reading level so their booklet has trickier word- and number-based puzzles, while the activity sheet for younger pupils is more focused on visual activities to reflect their literacy level.

The booklets and sheets are given out to children during school visits where Berkeley Group employees explain what house builders do. They are also used at open days at new sites. And it was lovely to hear our client say: “Love them! They look great.”

These resources have now become a vital tool for the company’s Community and CSR programme, allowing Berkeley Group to engage effectively with children from 5 to 14.