Project Explanation

According to Government statistics, young people are more likely to be involved in a road safety incident than any other age group. More likely to be the cause, more likely to be hurt and more likely to die. So it’s a serious subject.

But just because something is serious, it doesn’t mean associated campaigns should be sombre and strait-laced. In fact, the opposite. Using humour is an approach that has been shown to work consistently with young people. You can see an Advertising Standards Authority study on it here.

So, when the West Midlands Road Safety Partnership invited us to pitch for a video campaign, we knew humour was key. It’s a “Show me the funny and then I’ll listen” approach.

Working with our good friends and excellent production company Napoleon Creative we created some really nice pitch ideas. And, before long, we were in Birmingham on a couple of cold spring days (and nights), using a local cast of young actors and actresses, stunt drivers and motorsport camera crew, to shoot three, short funny films.

The videos focus on the behaviour of drivers, passengers and motorbike riders – key areas that have been identified by road safety teams as the cause of many road safety incidents.

You can watch them herehere and here. Laugh and learn.